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Getting Your Child To Read: Part One

Updated: Sep 7, 2022


Volume 1 Issue 12

June 17, 2022



Do you know the name of the last book your child read? Does your child read books, purely for the love of reading? Is your child avoiding reading or do they say that they don't like reading? Well if you have a hesitant reader at home, this blog is for you. We all know that 'reading is fundamental.' Reading is the one skill that will open the doors to all other areas of learning and knowledge. Therefore as parents we understand the importance of nurturing a love for reading in our children.

As a parent and an educator, I have always valued the importance of developing the love of reading in children. Over the years, my daughter and I have created countless, wonderful memories around reading. We would read nightly as part of her bedtime routine. We regularly visited the New York Public Library every 2 weeks to return, renew and borrow new books. We listened to audiobooks as we ate dinner. We would go to book readings of children authors at the Upper Eastside Barnes Noble. We attended the Harry Potter Midnight Bashes, to complete our collection of the series. We read the books and then compared them with the movie versions.

Why Is Reading Important?

Let's go over why reading is so important to your child's development. There are so many benefits associated with reading. Here are a few listed below.

Reading can....

  • expand vocabulary and introduce new words

  • boost concentration and focus (improves brain function)

  • build new knowledge (critical and analytical thinking skills)

  • encourage creativity (stimulates imagination and curiosity)

  • strengthen listening skills

  • improve self esteem in the areas of speaking and writing with confidence

But how do we develop the love of reading in your child? Here are some starter ideas to try with your child.

Be a model

The number tip I always have for parents and educators is to model the behavior you want to see in your child. This means that your child should see you reading various materials from books, magazines, newspapers and etc. Share and discuss with your child what you are reading and why. Show your child that reading can be for fun or learning. For example, " I am reading the cookbook so that I can learn how to make chocolate chip cookies" or "I'm reading this book because I enjoy sci fi stories." Remember the saying that "actions speak louder than words."

Create Reading Nooks

There is nothing like curling up with a favorite book to read in a cozy space. Find a place in your home that can be used as a nook. Here are some materials you could use to create the perfect space for reading:

⭐️add color to the space (some paint or wall decor)

⭐️ a windowed space with good light

⭐️ some comfy large through pillows and cushions

⭐️a shelf or a space to hold books

At home reading nook

Story Time

Take your child to story time. This is always a favorite for most young children. As a parent, you will find taking your child to a book reading, to be a wonderful shared experience. Story time can happen at a local bookstore or library. It involves children sitting comfortably usually on a rug and listening to a talented story teller who brings the pages of a book to life. Your child will be provided with a model of what good readers sound like when reading with expression and fluency. Even the adults get lost between the pages during these wonderful experiences. Often story time involves activities that allow the children to participate verbally, physically or through a form of creativity. After story time. is the perfect opportunity to allow your child to buy books from a bookstore or borrow them from the public library.

Follow Child's Interests

The wonderful thing about reading is that there is practically a book for every topic under the sun. Your child is bound to have an interest in a topic or even a show which has a book that is appropriate for them. If your child likes cars, you can get them a book about cars. If your child likes playing video games, you can find beautifully illustrated books about kids who are also into video games. Checkout the video game story books shown below ⬇️⬇️⬇️.

If your child likes a character from a cartoon or a particular movie, see if you can find out if there are children books related to their favorite character. Since your child has already developed a passion for a particular thing, this interest might encourage them to want to read about it.

These ideas are a great way to begin to encourage your child to read. They are practical and easy to apply to your life. Try them out with your child. I would love to know how it goes with you and your little one! Let me know by leaving a comment. Be sure to look out for part two of "Getting Your Child To Read."


"Today a READER, Tomorrow a LEADER"😊



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