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Bedtime Routine: Tips, Tricks, & Advice

Updated: Sep 7, 2022


Volume 1 Issue 11.

June 7, 2022

"My Kids Have Two Volumes. Mute When They're Asleep, and Metallica When They're Awake."

Lenny Lemons

Bedtime routines are not easy. You can't show me a parent who hasn't had difficulty putting their child to bed at some point. Although sleeping is essential, it would appear that our children don't seem to want or need to sleep as much as we do. What is a parent to do?!!! This blog will provide you with some parenting tips, tricks, ideas and advice on how to get your child to bed and asleep without the battle.

First, let's establish why sleeping is essential to your child's well being.. According to a Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital article written by Dr.Rachel Dawkins" studies have shown that kids who regularly get an adequate amount of sleep have improved attention, behavior, learning, memory, and overall mental and physical health." So less sleep = less productive outcomes in your child.

Just How Much Sleep Does Your Child Need????

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Have a Routine

The primary and most important step is to establish a bedtime routine. As an educator and a parent, I can attest to the effectiveness of having an established routine for children. A bedtime routine should include the following

⭐️ defined time

⭐️ predictable procedures

⭐️ consistency

With the above the 3 in place, your child will know the expected time to be in bed by. They will become familiar with the predictable and established procedures of getting ready for bed such as bathing, brushing teeth and reading a book. Your child will eventually learn to independently follow the established bedtime routine once it is consistently practiced.

With a practical routine in are the tips, tricks, ideas and advice that can be used to increase your child's likelihood of going to bed and most importantly going to sleep.

-Use Essential Oils-

Lavender oil is one of the best and most effective essential oil you can use to help your child get a full night's rest. Lavender oil is known for its calming effects on the body's central nervous system. It promotes longer and deeper sleep. It also smells amazing. Two ways to use lavender oils are: (1) use an aromatherapy diffuser or (2) sprinkle some on the bedsheets or your child's PJs.

-Chamomile Tea / Lemongrass Tea-

Chamomile tea is universally known as a herbal remedy for inducing sleep. It has been used for centuries because of its additional anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial benefits. However lemongrass tea is just as effective at inducing sleep. I personally use lemon grass and can tell you that I sleep like a baby when using it. It's quite powerful! These teas will relax your child and get them ready for bedtime. You can buy Chamomile or lemongrass as a loose tea, bagged tea, or as a tincture for adding to water. Use the best method preferred by your child.

-Time Management-

Getting your child to sleep requires managing how your child spends their time. The first essential step is to reduce screen time an hour before bed. In addition, it is important to remove all electronic devices from your child's room. Secondly, make certain that your child does not nap or does so at a minimal throughout the day. Finally, your child should have time to be outdoors and get plenty of natural sunlight during the day. Natural sunlight helps regulate your child's melatonin which is important for sleeping well.

-Set the Ambiance-

Here are a couple of ways to create the ideal ambiance for sleeping:

-play relaxing and soothing sounds / music such as yoga, a lullaby, and rain sounds

-take the lighst off; dim the lights; or use a night light

- maintain a comfortable temperature in your child's room

⭐️keep it between 60 to 67 degrees fahrenheit which is the best temperature range to

comfortably sleep through the night

-Read a Book-

Reading before bedtime is my most favorite parent and child activity. Many parents might already be doing this. If you currently do not read to your child every night, here is how to get started. After following through with your family's established bedtime routine and creating the ideal ambiance for sleep, all that's left is pulling out a favorite story book. Reading a book at night to your child helps to relax them. It even reduces anxiety or stress. A good book can lull a child to sleep. Checkout some books you could add to your home library for bedtime reading! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Here are some recommended bedtime books to read with your child at home:

Last piece of advice, is to reduce or remove caffeine from your child's evening meals or snacks due to the negative impact that caffeine has on sleep.

With these tips, tricks, ideas and advice you will be able to find out what works best for you and your child's bedtime routine. I would also love to hear from parents about what they currently do as a part of their child's bedtime routine. Be sure to like, share, and comment!


"Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise."😊

Benjamin Franklin



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