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5 Things Every Parent Needs To Do This School Year!

Volume 2 Issue 3

September 15, 2022


Tom Peters

Do you want to have a great school year? This list of 5 things all parents must do will help! So get ready to get organized, mobiilized and activated by following these 5 tips:

Why this list?

All parents should have access to the keys to success. Parenting and dealing with your child's education shouldn't be stressful. This list will let you know that you are not alone and that most parents are in a similar situation.


🔲 1. Connect with other parents

-Talk with the parents in your child's class during morning pickup or at dismissal. Get to know who the parents are of your child's friends. Meet parents at your local park. Share stories exchange numbers. There might even be neighborhood parent meet up groups for you to connect with. Find your parenting tribe and create a support system. You never know when you might need a parent buddy.

🔲 2. Save important phone numbers & emails ASAP

-The most important number to save to your phone is your child's school main office phone number. You'll need to have it handy for when an emergency occurs. Most importantly you'll recognize the number as your child's school when and if you receive a call. You definitely do not want to ignore or miss an important phone call from your child's school. Besides saving the school's number be sure to save the following emails for the: the principal, assistant principal, parent coordinator, child's teacher, and PTA president.

🔲 3. Get involved in your child's PTA

-The Parent Teacher Association is important yet it seems like an additional responsibility that you may have difficulty fitting into your schedule. There are many ways to show your support. You can help fundraise. See if the PTA meetings can be held via Zoom. Try donating items for PTA events. Or you can just reach out to the PTA president and ask how you might be able to help support your child's school. Perhaps you might become one of the officers such as the treasurer, secretary or even the PTA president. If you want to see changes in the school, get involved so that your voice can be heard and counted.

🔲 4. Provide school with updated emergency pickup info

-This is very important! Make sure that you update your child's contact information with the school immediately when any change occurs. Make time to visit your child's school to provide the list of acceptable adults responsible for pick up in case of an emergency. Tell those who are on the list to have identification when arriving at the school to pick up your child. Most importantly let your child know who is allowed to pick them up in case you as a parent are unable to.

🔲 5. Send school extra clothes

-This last tip is primarily for parents of younger children pre-k to kindergarten as well as those who might have children with a particular disability. Send to school an extra set of clothes. Do it today or the next day. Your child's teacher will thank you and you will thank yourself as well. Having an extra set of clothes at school will avoid time spent rushing from your home or work with a set of clean clothes when your child soils themselves at school. Believe me as a teacher there are numerous ways this can occur. Best be prepared for these mishaps. When sending an extra set of clothes be sure to include: 2 pairs of socks, 2 undies, 2 tops, 2 bottoms and 1 sweater. It would be awesome if you had all of these in a bag for easy storage in the classroom. Some parents send extra clothing in a plastic bin. Ask the teacher which is best: a bag or a bin. If you want to label your child clothes you can use personalized no-sew and washable labels found at .

Use these 5 must do tips to make this school year a great one! Look out for the next blog with 5 more practical must do's for the school year.


"At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child's success is the positive involvement of parents” 😊 Jane D. Hull



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