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Best Free Online Learning Sites

Updated: Sep 7, 2022


Volume 1 Issue 8

April 18, 2022

"Learning online is not the next big is the


Donny Abernathy

After these past 2 years, since the onset of the global pandemic, we all know and value the importance of using online platforms for learning. As a teacher, I had to learn fast when in March of 2020 I was being asked to use a computer as my primary means of educating children. Prior to this, I used technology as a supplement to teaching in-person with students. Therefore I was not well versed in this area, however; I, along with my teaching colleagues took the deep dive into using online tools and technology to educate children all across America. This experience allowed me to learn about the many different online platforms available for learning.

Here are 5 free online platforms I personally recommend for parents to use at home and teachers to use with students.

1. Epic

This learning platform focuses on literacy. It is a virtual online library. It is definitely one of my go to platforms for reading online with my students. Epic has a wide array of kid appropriate books available for reading remotely for pre- k through 7th grade and above.

The topics range from:

  • English Language Arts,

  • Science,

  • Arts, Social Studies

  • Math,

  • Languages

  • Social Emotional Learning

Books are available in different reading levels, New titles are added weekly. Children can earn badges as they read. This App keeps track of your child's progress. Audio books can also be electronically read to your child.

A free basic plan is available for families. This plan allows your child access to 1 book per day. There is also the option to pay for an unlimited plan which would give your child access to numerous books each day. However if you are an educator like I am, you can have access to the entire online library for free.

2. Khan Academy

This learning platform focuses on the following topics:

  • Math: Get ready courses

  • Math: high school & college

  • Test prep (SAT / ACT)

  • Science

  • Computing

  • Arts & humanities

  • Economics

  • Reading & language arts

  • Life skillsI.

It is an excellent platform that offers academic learning experiences to pre-k through college students. Khan Academy learning platform is a favorite of mine because of all the practical support it offers children and parents to understand mathematic and scientific concepts that might be challenging. It provides students with plenty of opportunity to practice the skills they are learning.. Instructional videos are offered to demonstrate core concepts to students and their parents. This App allows for a personalized learning experience to focus on where your child requires the most support. There are even quizzes and tests to evaluate student progress as wll as opportunities to earn badges.

It is completely free to families and educators. You are able to make a donation if you choose to.

3- Funbrain

This is an educational platform that really focuses on making learning an engaging experience. It has videos, books (even comics) and printables for hands-on learning. There's also a diverse number of exciting activities available for pre- k through 8th grade students.

The subject areas covered are:

  • Reading

  • Math

  • Problem-solving

  • Literacy

This App does not keep track of your child's progress. No personal information is collected.

The entire platform is free to parents and educators. There are no hidden costs..

Mom, let me show how to use this App!


This platform focuses on early learning skills for pre-k to 3rd grade students. A wide array of kid friendly learning activities are available, however; there is a heavy emphasis and focus on phonemic awareness, phonics and sight words. I regularly use and recommend it's use to my parents for students who are struggling with their phonemic development.

The topics covered are:

  • English Language Arts,

  • Math

This App doesn't keeps track of your child's progress. The platform is mostly free for families. There is a low cost membership which allows access to more content.

5-Khan Academy Kids

This learning platform is created for our youngest learners. It differs from Khan Academy because of its focus on nurturing the development of early foundational skills. There is a wide array of kid appropriate activities for 2 to 8 years old.

The activities range from:

  • Virtual Circle Time

  • Educational Printables

  • Early Reading Skills

  • Early Writing Skills

  • Speech and Language

  • Math Word Problem Solving

  • Movement Breaks

This App has interactive activities, books, animated videos, games, and creative experiences to ignite your child's love for learning. This App keeps track of your child's progress. It allows for independent and adaptive individualized learning. There is even a free self-paced virtual learning summer camp for the month of July.

This App is completely free to families.

So, these are my top 5 recommendations of free online learning apps! Make sure to check them out because they offer great value and unique learning experiences that will benefit your children. Remember all 5 apps can be used at home with a parent or at school with a teacher. Make learning fun and affordable by using these free apps because WHO DOESN'T LOVE FREE?!!!


"Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere!"😊

Chinese Proverb


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